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offers innovative and educational based programs designed to bring the concepts of science, technology, engineering, & math (STEM) to life using Lego® bricks. Our exciting programs offer hands-on learning in a fun and challenging way through classes, camps, build and play pre-k, afterschool classes, fieldtrips, parent's night out, workshops, and birthday parties. We are proud to inspire children to build on their natural curiosity through challenging class instruction and exciting programs.

We have developed a range of programs for all ages that invite children to have fun while using their knowledge of engineering and science to design, create, and improve solutions to engineering challenges. Children are natural engineers and love to build and take things apart. programs engage students in hands-on, real world engineering experiences!

was "Imagined, Created and Built" by Kendra & Matthew Randall, a dynamic husband and wife team that met when they were 13 years old in science class. In essence, their love sprouted from STEM education!

Matt, a registered professional engineer and LEED Accredited Professional in Charleston, understands the importance of early exposure to STEM education and the impact it can have on our children’s future. It just seemed natural when they had the idea to combine his enthusiasm for engineering and their love of children to form , a Lego® Learning Center.

Behind every great business model; there is a marketing whiz- and that is Kendra! Her team has successfully obtained contracts with over fifty schools in the Charleston area in less than two years. Kendra has a keen understanding of how to market in a way that brings results. In addition to her exceptional marketing prowess, Kendra is a caring mother of two beautiful children and brings the drive and passion that makes a success.

"When you've got a great brand and a greater cause, amazing things will happen! When meeting with a new school, I emphasize why our brand is superior; because whatever business you're going into, whether it's educational services or retail, you won't be the only one. [But] is truly unique, and I try to pull that out." Along with playing with Legos®, Kendra is a travel, art, decorating and gym enthusiast with 10 years of experience in public relations and marketing; she joined Barnes & Noble Booksellers as Community Relations Manager after graduation from the College of the Holy Cross.

Director, Birthday Party Manager, Lead Teacher

-Albert Einstein

Katie truly believes when children are encouraged to use their imagination they will be enthusiastic and lifelong learners.

"". Katie graduated from the University of South Carolina and is a certified Early Childhood teacher. She has taught kindergarten, second grade and toddlers.

"". Katie is an accomplished cross-country and track athlete. You will probably see her running the Ravenel Bridge, walking her Jack Russell at a local park or jogging on the beach!

-Dr. Seuss (Katie’s favorite children’s author)

Katie is very excited to be a part of the team and believes that building with Legos® will broaden children’s imaginations and increase interest in STEM programs!


Assistant Director, Lead Teacher

Denise is a recent graduate of the University of Florida, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree, as well as her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. While studying for her Master’s, Denise focused on educational technology, as it is an area of great interest to her. Stop motion animation, digital storytelling, and wikis are just a few ways she has integrated technology into her teaching experiences! She is very excited about bringing together not only her love of Legos®, but also her passion for technology education to !

Lead Teacher

-Albert Einstein

Chastity White believes these words to be true. She strives to help students see their potential and work towards it. After graduating from Charleston Southern, she taught 3rd grade in Charleston County for five years. Teaching in Ghana, West Africa has been an important influence on her life. She has spent three summers teaching students in rural schools and exploring the history of Ghana.

She is excited to be a member of the Brick By Brick team and truly enjoys helping students use the outlet of building with Lego's enhance their learning and give them more opportunities to shine.